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People have dreamed about walking on water for centuries. For example, Leonardo da Vinci made a drawing of one idea in the 15th century. Many different solutions have been presented since then.

The ABH2O project founder Bostjan Antoncic has been passionate about water sports for years (active in sailing competitions since 1979, the World champion in the Soling class in 2008).

In 2011 and 2012 different prototypes were developed and tested resulting in a working prototype, which represents a new invention, a new design and a solution, which emphasizes stability, safety and simplicity. The invention is protected by the patent no. SI 23986 A and copyrights.

Next Steps


Stopped/Postponed: Design and development of production tools and testing of finalized products.

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All ABH2O cross-water walking skis and poles displayed at this website are prototypes;

all designs are still under development.


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