Cloud Enterpreneurship Program partnership

Target to the program

to develop startup program mechanism, which will enable global fast growing companies

Targeted audience

Startup&SMEs and growth program

Scope of the program

To produce new global fast growing companies


Startups are key elements in sustainable ecosystems. They provide more than 80% of new product and services on the market. Healthy economies can prove that in 3 years perspective, within first year more than 60% of startups stop their business.

And startups normally develop like:

·      2-5% to successful global startups

·      10-20% to regionally successful startups

·      40-60% to successful local startups

·      20 – 30% of startups stop operating

Our experiences show, that main problems/challenges startups are facing:

1.         Knowledge (about how to reach and position on the market, how to deal with money, how to sell the product)

2.     Find the right growth leverage (investors (VC, strategic), partnership models, … ) and get right partner or investor

3.         State of mind (they need to see different perspectives to start comparing with global not local players)

Based on Key Findings we have developed a programs, covering

1.     To address key problems we are offering online education system, which includes key models to help startups to reach the market 3x faster than they normally do.

2.     To allow investors and strategic partners qualified decisions within investment process (make due diligence process more transparent and faster).

3.     Timings are set differently, depending on which Program Type one decides:

a.         weekend program (bootcamp),

b.         up to 2-4 months and can be provided online or locality through local partner (incubator, accelerator, university, VC …) – we provide the guidelines&tools